Friday, January 23, 2009


Ice Cube Tray

• G-shape ice trays, set of 2.
• Green rubber/red rubber.
• Made in Italy.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yves Saint Laurent

Knotted Leather Bracelet

Knotted leather bracelet with brass hardware. Made in Italy


Clearwater Shower & Bath Gel

A fresh, foaming body cleanser that gently washes away impurities without the drying effects of soap or harsh detergents.

Enriched with natural extracts of watercress, iceland moss, seaweed and Provitamin B to condition your skin.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sydney Opera House presents


This summer at Sydney Opera House, LE GRAND CIRQUE, the thrilling rollercoaster of a stage spectacular and sell-out hit of January 2008 is back with a brand new show AERIAL DREAMS.

Seen by millions of people around the world. Le Grand Cirque is a jaw-dropping visual feast of breathtaking group acrobatics and white-knuckle stunts. With an international company of over 40 performers from Brazil, Canada, Russia, Mongolia, Europe and China, the performers have been hand picked from around the globe for their amazing abilities and precision skill. The result is a fast-paced, heart-pounding spectacle that will astound you and keep you at the edge of your seats!

The Concert Hall will be transformed for this magnificent event, with aerial performances above the audience. Be amazed by all new thrilling acts and a few family favourites. Witness solo and group Trapeze, contortionists, the magical Cloud Swing, a ballerina performing Swan Lake like you have never seen it before, the nine bungee aerial troupe, 14 performers balancing on a single bike, a kaleidoscope of clowns and so much more.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Sydney Theatre Co in association with Sydney Festival and Perth International Arts Festival present

The War of the Roses Part 2
By William Shakespeare
Adapted By Tom Wright and Benedict Andrews


Act One

With the early death of Henry V, his baby son becomes King Henry VI. Henry V’s brother the Duke of Gloucester, is appointed Protector, but he cannot prevent the Kingdom being disrupted by the rivalry of two factions of the royal family; the followers of the Duke of York and the supporters of the infant King. The two sides meet in a garden, where they declare their loyalties by plucking roses; red for Lancaster, white for York. All-out civil war erupts. The house of York prevails and Edward IV becomes King.

Act Two

Richard reveals his ambition; he aspires to be King and will remove all impediments. He spreads rumours which lead to the arrest of his brother Clarence, and he woos Anne, the widow of the young Prince of Wales murdered in the previous Act. Queen Margaret returns in defiance of her expulsion and prophesises of the coming darkness. As a Lancastrian, she is ignored. Edward IV dies, leaving his little sons as his heirs. Richard becomes their Protector. He keeps them out of sight, and aided by his cousin Buckingham he assumes the throne. Anyone who speaks up against him is murdered. Buckingham spreads rumours that the two Princes are illegitimate, and Richard III is proclaimed King.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Sydney Theatre Co in association with Sydney Festival and Perth International Arts Festival present

The War of the Roses Part 1
By William Shakespeare
Adapted By Tom Wright and Benedict Andrews

As the culmination of their three years together, Sydney Theatre Company’s renowned resident ensemble, the STC Actors Company, are joined by Cate Blanchett and Robert Menzies to present an audacious epic of language and history - The War of the Roses.

The War of the Roses spans eight of Shakespeare’s History plays, from the elegance and melancholy of Richard II through to the barbarity and catastrophe of Richard III, via some of Shakespeare's most startling and inspired creations. The bittersweet underworld of Falstaff’s nights, the boy-failure who becomes a war hero in Henry V, the nightmare world of a child-king in Henry VI, the incisive language of Queen Margaret, all refracted by a creative team acclaimed for their vivid re-imaginings.

Condensed to four distinct acts, performed in two parts, this landmark production examines what it means to rule, to enact war, to take power and to lose power. It is the story of the failure of a civilisation and its replacement with a new world order.

Renowned for his distinctly bold interpretations of classic texts, The War of the Roses marks internationally-lauded director Benedict Andrews’ second collaboration with the STC Actors Company, following their award-winning production of Patrick White’s The Season at Sarsaparilla in 2007.


Act One

Richard II rules England. His cousin Henry Bolingbroke is in dispute with Mowbray and they have brought their grievances before the King. Richard attempts to calm the men, but they insist on a duel, to be held at later date. But before the fighting can begin, Richard intervenes and sentences both men to banishment. John of Gaunt (Bolingbroke’s Father) dies and Richard seizes his property and wealth. The exiled Bolingbroke prepares to return to England, determined to claim what the King has stolen. In the face of invasion, rebellion and desertion, the King is eventually cornered and forced to abdicate. Bolingbroke not only claims his inheritance, but claims the throne as King Henry IV.

Act Two

Henry IV’s reign is disturbed. Henry Percy, known as Hotspur, has captured several important Scots in skirmishes; the King wants him to hand them over. Hotspur however first wants the King to release Hotspur’s uncle, Mortimer, who has been taken prisoner in Wales for rebellion. Henry is furious and refuses. He has made an enemy of Hotspur, who foment rebellion. Henry’s son, Prince Hal, is leading a dissolute life. He has taken up with Falstaff, an old soldier. The revolt brings him face to face with Hotspur, whom he fatally wounds. King Henry IV sickens and collapses. Hal takes the crown. When the King wakes he thinks Hal cares only for power and has no love for his father. Hal returns and persuades the King otherwise. The King tells Hal to earn Kingship by focusing England on ‘foreign quarrels’. Reconciled, Henry IV dies.