Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sydney Theatre Company in association with Frantic Assembly presents

by Bryony Lavery

Today is Todd’s birthday. Tomorrow he and Kali will fly to Stockholm to celebrate.

This morning they awoke wrapped in each other’s arms, ate a late breakfast, drank coffee, watched an arthouse film and shared a packet of Maltesers. It’s spring but today felt like summer. It was that good.

Now they’re home, cooking dinner in their exquisite and tastefully furnished kitchen.

Hidden away from the world, their families, friends and love rivals, they are at their happiest. However, their immaculate kitchen is as dangerous as it is beautiful. As the meal is prepared the probability of them ever reaching the first course gradually decreases. Slowly and painfully these impossible lovers will consume one another.

Groundbreaking British physical theatre company, Frantic Assembly, will remount their lauded production of Bryony Lavery’s Stockholm with Sydney Theatre Company. Featuring Australian actors Socratis Otto and Leeanna Walsman, this mesmerisingly powerful piece of theatre uses a unique approach that draws on dance, music and text to dramatise a relationship that is founded on co-dependency, obsession and abuse.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sydney Theatre Company and The Border Project present

Vs Macbeth
(most of it) by William Shakespeare

Screw your courage to the sticking place. We’re about to tempt fate.

For centuries, Shakespeare’s most dangerous tragedy has spawned a legacy of theatrical superstition. In this radical version of Macbeth The Residents team up with Adelaide’s The Border Project (Highway Rock’n’Roll Disaster) to tackle the curse head-on.

Accidents will happen. Everything that goes wrong from the first rehearsal to the final curtain will be included in the show. Minor errors, major catastrophes, 400 years of historical misfortunes unleashed in a space wilfully haunted by theatrical no-no’s, live animals, broken ladders, and a lightning machine. This volatility is a platform for the doomed story of Macbeth, and a certifiable mutiny of our contemporary desire to get Shakespeare right. What could possibly go wrong?

Direct from the Adelaide Festival to Wharf 2, don’t miss The Residents’ first production in 2010.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Opera Australia presents

by Giacomo Puccini

New Production

A SHABBY LITTLE SHOCKER – that’s how one critic described one of Puccini’s best-loved operas. Why? Maybe because when we thrill to the glorious music we forget the reality: a tragic tale of political persecution, rape and murder. In this first new production of Tosca in almost 30 years, director Christopher Alden reminds us with a bold and unflinching vision.

FLORIA TOSCA AND HER LOVER Mario Cavaradossi are embroiled in a plot to help a friend escape from prison. Baron Scarpia, the chief of police, is determined to extract the truth from Cavaradossi, and a kiss – and the rest – from Tosca. Will she sacrifice herself to save her lover?

Tosca’s famous aria is one of opera’s greatest moments. Hear the soaring voices of Takesha Meshé Kizart and Nicole Youl as Tosca, alongside a cast of stars including John Wegner, Rosario La Spina, Carlo Barricelli and Warwick Fyfe plus the unforgettable Opera Australia Chorus.