Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Vera Wang Princess

Introducing Vera Wang Princess...

Playful. Unpredictable. Fearless.

A new spirit in fragrance, inspired by a modern-day princess.
Confident, independent, with a total zest for life - she was Born to Rule.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Guerlain - Insolence

INSOLENCE is the sparkle in the eye of a care-free spirit; a fearless smile, a silence that expresses many thoughts. It is a casual grace, an ironic elegance.

It is panache, verve and spirit; it is the new Guerlain feminine fragrance: INSOLENCE

The olfactory pyramid has been "deconstructed" to reveal three facets of INSOLENT femininity that suit everyone's taste and mood... sparkling violets, glints of red berries and rays of iris

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Without models we're just a pile of washing


1. They look good in and out of clothes

2. They don't cost much to feed

3. They don't take up a lot of room on the lounge

4. They read books with pictures

5. They know other models

6. They don't hurt when they fall out of a window and land on top of you

Friday, September 08, 2006


KenzoAmour, a unique voyage with the new women’s fragrance by Kenzo…

Everything begins with a bird. A colorful imaginary bird gliding gracefully from one side of the box to the other. Then, the bottles, in three colors, depending on the size—fuchsia, soft white and orange. Sensually elongated bottles that evoke a bird, symbolizing a voyage of love taking flight…

And last but not least, the fragrance. Enchanting.
The perfume evokes a succession of lovely places with vibrant colors and scents, melding frangipani blossoms from Bali or Borobudur, cherry blossoms from Japan, thanaka wood (worn by women and children in Myanmar), incense and rice, vanilla and white tea from China…

KenzoAmour, the new women’s perfume by Kenzo, is both an evocation and the fruit of a languid voyage of love in Asia, punctuated by encounters, soft sensations and perfumes bursting with life. Olfactory souvenirs brought back from a journey through India, Indonesia, Japan, Myanmar and Thailand.

KenzoAmour…a voyage of love…

Friday, September 01, 2006

Dianne Reeves

Four-time Grammy Award-winning vocalist Dianne Reeves joins the Sydney Symphony for an evening of smooth and swinging jazz. In the tradition of Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O’Day and Billie Holiday, Dianne Reeves is a virtuoso performer and storyteller. She performs standards by Strayhorn, Sondheim, Gershwin, Weill and others in opulent orchestral arrangements. Dianne Reeves pays tribute to the great Sarah Vaughan, a vocalist who inspired Reeves to seriously pursue singing. ‘Sarah opened the door’, says Reeves.

This concert is a thrilling meeting of Reeve’s powerful voice and imagination and Vaughan’s spirit and inspiration.