Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Company B presents

Measure for Measure
Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Benedict Andrews

Tis one thing to be tempted, Escalus,
Another thing to fall.

This is a permissive, decaying city with a dysfunctional government, and the Duke has mysteriously gone on leave. In his place he’s appointed a man whose “urine is congealed ice” – the austere moralist Angelo. His first act of law is to apply the death penalty for fornication: Claudio is the first to be condemned. But when Isabella arrives to beg for her brother’s life, her pleas threaten to bring Angelo and the state to their knees.

Measure for Measure is Shakespeare’s great dark comedy about desire and power. His world is familiar: sex is a commodity, government is subject to the leader’s moral whimsy, extreme liberality goes head to head with emergency powers to constrain and punish. And lurking in the shadows of this play is the idea that real wisdom comes from unleashed chaos.

Benedict Andrews was last at Belvoir St in 2007 with his brilliant production of
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. He’s returned to tackle a play he’s probably born to direct: Shakespeare’s magnificent and explicit meditation on anarchy and authority.

Theatre for the open-minded.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sydney Theatre Company presents The Residents in

by Aeschylus, in a new adaptation by Tom Wright

A flickering light appears on the horizon. A fire. A sign!

After ten years of fighting in Troy - ten years during which Argos has been suspended in time, awaiting word of victory or defeat, awaiting the return of its men – the beacon glows on the horizon signaling a victorious end to the war.

Inside the palace Clytemnestra eagerly awaits the homecoming of her triumphant king Agamemnon. Outwardly her demeanor is one of joy and elation but a dark rage underlies the sweet smiles of jubilation. As her husband sails home Clytemnestra prepares to exact a horrifying revenge on the man who, in order to win this war, sacrificially slit the throat of his own daughter.

A curse has fallen upon the House of Aetreus: blood will be shed, familial bonds betrayed and social order disintegrated before the blight on it is lifted.

This momentous and epic Greek tragedy, adapted and directed by Tom Wright, has been condensed into one heart-stopping evening of theatre. Our permanent ensemble of actors – The Residents – will excavate Aeschylus’ powerful tale of justice and revenge, injecting new life into one of the bedrocks of Western theatrical tradition.

Sunday, June 06, 2010


medium tote.
2010 Spring Summer
travel & business

. white GG washed cotton with white leather trim
. double handles in sand/grey/white signature web
. inside and mobile phone pockets
. 34 x 13 x 36 cm

189669 FV55G 8565

L'OCCITANE en provence

Fig Tree Leaf Candle

Reveals the ripe fruit behind the green leaf of the fig tree.

Honey Scented Candle

The delicious, soft scent of L'Occitane's Honey range in a home candle. Diffuses natural aroma--derived from bee hives kept near lavender fields in the Provençal village of Valensole--for approximately 20 hours. Packaged in a beautiful hexagonal metal tin. 100% cotton wick is non-toxic.

Friday, June 04, 2010


Chilly Foaming Cleanser
purifies and revives

A foaming wake-up call? A translucent, vibrant, beautifully tinted cleansing gel. The result: a clean, smooth face and irrepressible smile.

In the morning, apply the gel to damp skin. Then, an ultra gentle foam that cleanses thoroughly and removing impurities thanks to a magic formula of bamboo plant water, toning green coffee bean and purifying fu-ling and temple tree extracts. Now you rinse, surprise – a refreshing agent makes the fresh splash of water even more invigorating.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Givenchy Parfums

Tone it Tender
Moisturizing Lotion

Moisturizing Lotion-Skin Soother

Dry to sensitive skins lotion.

The gentleness of lime blossoms and a hydro-balancing complex in a stimulating and gently soothing lotion.

Specifically designed for normal to dry skin, it contains an ideal calcium concentration blended with liquorice extract to ensure optimal hydration and intensely soothe the skin as soon as it is applied. Soothed and relaxed, the skin is ready for further complementary treatments. Alcohol-free

Immediately after application, the skin is moisturized, softer and more supple.
The sensation of comfort leaves the skin intensely relaxed and soothed.

Rich, comfortable & velvety-soft lotion in an opalescent white color.

NEW Packaging:
The Twist Disk has been replaced by an easy to use pump!

How to Use?
Apply in the morning and evening to the face & neck with cotton pad or fingertips.