Friday, November 26, 2010

Sydney Theatre Company and Goldman Sachs in association with Bell Shakespeare present

Uncle Vanya
by Anton Chekhov
Adapted by Andrew Upton

On a dilapidated, remote farm Uncle Vanya and his niece Sonya have worked slavishly to sustain an estate in decline. And so it has been for years.

Now Professor Serebryakov and his beautiful young wife, Yelena, have returned to visit. Adding to the chaos and disruption are the constant visits of the charismatic Astrov. Lunch is no longer served at lunch time - now it is procrastinated until dusk - work is forgotten and the long, cool nights have become sleepless.

From this hotbed of disarray grow three consuming love affairs, each of which is destined to wither in disappointment before it has reached bloom.

It is in this climate of frustration and hopelessness that the Professor chooses to unveil his shocking plan to sell the estate. Faced with an uncertain future, Vanya is provoked into an act of violence which is as humiliatingly unsuccessful as his attempts at romance.

Gliding effortlessly between comedy and tragedy, this treasured classic from Anton Chekhov lays bare the fruitlessness of human endeavour with exceptional warmth, humour and insight.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sydney Theatre Company presents

The Wharf Revue
Not Quite Out of The Woods

Written and created by Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott

The people have spoken and no-one has a clue what they’re banging on about. So it's time to join The Wharf Revue team in an orgy of pointless recrimination and hilariously ill-informed party-political punditry as they present a parade of pompous, opinionated pedants practiced in puerile partisan point-scoring. And alliteration.

Watch in startling 1-D as the heroic Abbottar infiltrates the marginal electorates and becomes one with the Mar’gi, a forgotten race of fringe dwellers who fight to stop the boats and strip-mine the magical forests.

Follow Red Riding Hood as she tries to navigate through the factional deadwood, aided by Bob Brown – the woodcutter who can’t cut down anything.

Stumble upon a forest glade, where proud Kristina and her Unpopular Mechanicals rehearse their next charade for the long-suffering citizens of NSW.

Follow the Japanese wha – sorry, scientists – as they hunt for the fish John West rejects, when Moby Dick meets the Iron Chef!

Join Sarah Palin for a mad tea party, vote for your favourite dysfunctional economy in the Eurodivision Sovereign-Debt Song Contest or quietly die inside as Mark Latham hosts “Hey, Hey, It's Yesterday!”

Who said fairy tales can’t come true?