Monday, March 27, 2006

Hammering the drunk

KIRBY J: I just think "drunk" is a label and I am a little worried about - it is not necessary to put that label. It is just that they were sufficiently affected by alcohol to affect their capacity to drive.


KIRBY J: "A drunk" has all sorts of baggage with it.

HAYNE J: Perhaps "hammered" is the more modern expression, Mr Jackson, or "well and truly hammered".

MR JACKSON: I am indebted to your Honour.

KIRBY J: I do not know any of these expressions.

McHUGH J: No, no. Justice Hayne must live a very different life to the sort of life we lead.

KIRBY J: I have never heard that word "hammered" before, never. Not before this very minute.

- Joslyn v Berryman S122/2002
in the High Court of Australia


You can be a judge too!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Importance of Being Earnest

The Production
Ridiculusmus has devised a farcical version of Oscar Wilde’s most famous play, The Importance of Being Earnest, in which two actors portray the entire cast aided only by much cross-dressing and the occasional hand puppet. With cunningly precise direction by Jude Kelly, this is an interpretation that’s so flamboyant and full of Wildean wit that there’s no doubt Wilde would have loved it.

The multiple roles, which rely on an absurdist, almost schizoid performance style, are heralded by a cacophony of music genres ranging from 80s pop to nursery rhymes and Wagnerian opera – all played against a garishly kitsch Victoriana set. Toying with the ideas of performance that underlie Wilde’s dissection of 19th century British high-society, Ridiculusmus ultimately unmasks the roles that social hierarchy and status dictate.

David Jones Winter 2006 Fashion Preview

Dear Clayton Kai Xian,

We look forward to seeing you this Saturday at the following David Jones Winter 2006 Fashion Preview, where you can see how to wear key pieces from your favourite brands including Sportscraft, Table Eight, Esprit and many more. Your seat has been reserved and the event details are below:

Venue: Macarthur Square
Time: 14:00

David Jones

Thursday, March 23, 2006


一顆顆眼淚都是愛 都是愛

我眼淚不會掉下來 掉下來

好春常在 春花正開
我在深閨 望穿秋水
你不要忘了我情深 深如海

我眼淚不會掉下來 掉下來

我眼淚不會掉下來 掉下來

Friday, March 03, 2006

Aldo Shoes

Lounge around in this casual driving moccasin featuring ultra rich suede and horse bit buckle.
109.99 US Dollars
99.95 Australia Dollars SALE