Friday, October 22, 2004

Madeline Lee (Haddock/Campbell)

Madeline Lee - A new opera by John Haddock & Michael Campbell

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World Premiere

Lost in the distant memory of men at war, the truth emerges like a desert vision - with shattering consequences

Madeline Lee is not an opera about war... In this opera none of the battles are won side by side. The only battlefield here is memory and how we manipulate it to survive.


This opera is about sons looking for their fathers. ... It is about how men deal with their emotions and with each other. It talks of grief, anger, denial and loss. It is about memory and the construction of our individual realities.

Co-writer and director

Madeline Lee reaches beyond realism to become a metaphor for a deeply human dilemma: the discontinuity between memory and fact, and the painful process of reconciling our subtly edited version of the past with what really happened.


Its primary concern is the way we use dreams and delusions to manage our experience of human frailty, both physical and emotional, both in ourselves and in others.

'A new opera for a new century'

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