Thursday, May 25, 2006

Music For Minorities

Mikel Rouse

Playhouse, Sydney Opera House

The provocative American composer, performer and multimedia performer Mikel Rouse brings one of his brilliant works to Sydney for the first time – MUSIC FOR MINORITIES

‘A composer many believe to be the best of his generation.’ NEW YORK TIMES

MUSIC FOR MINORITIES is a beautiful and surreal song and multimedia storytelling experience. Inspired by the plethora of sanitised cable TV options available, the synchronised video imagery in MUSIC FOR MINORITIES replicates the experience of channel surfing, producing a non-linear narrative in which Rouse explores the troubled, darker aspects of Middle America. Accompanied by a lush recorded soundscape of percussion and multiple guitars, Mikel Rouse sings smooth songs inspired by 60s pop and Delta blues. It’s an audio-visual collage of stories and ideas from the Silent Minorities of the media age.

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