Saturday, September 23, 2006

Guerlain - Insolence

INSOLENCE is the sparkle in the eye of a care-free spirit; a fearless smile, a silence that expresses many thoughts. It is a casual grace, an ironic elegance.

It is panache, verve and spirit; it is the new Guerlain feminine fragrance: INSOLENCE

The olfactory pyramid has been "deconstructed" to reveal three facets of INSOLENT femininity that suit everyone's taste and mood... sparkling violets, glints of red berries and rays of iris


Trace said...

1. contemptuously rude or impertinent behavior or speech.

The actual definition and the blurb don't match up for me. Marketeers need to use dictionaries.

Insolence the fragrance is one of a series including Stupidité and Moronique :P

Couldn't resist Claytz!

Claytz said...

Hahahahaha thanks for the comments Trace :D

I also thought 'insolence' was a touch strongly connotated, but I guess the powers that be are fine with that.

At the training session, we were told that the 'insolence' part was supposed to stem from the fragrance being fun, flirty, irreverent and a little bit naughty too. :p