Friday, June 29, 2007

The Bell Shakespeare Company


A talented general commissioned to be governor, Othello survives insecurely in a world that deigns to tolerate him only because he is useful. But when Iago's dark-hearted jealousy leads him to shrewdly and brutally undermine the tenuous status quo, how long can Othello keep surviving?

A politically poignant story that strikes to our own culture's dark heart of racism and righteous entitlement, Othello's downfall into suspicion and self-doubt is more riveting and relevant in today's climate of racial fear and cultural division than ever before.

Bell Shakespeare is proud to present Othello for the first time, as Helpmann Award-winning director Marion Potts directs acclaimed actor Wayne Blair in this groundbreaking production – a powerful and unnerving examination of power, politics and personal tragedy.

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