Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Midnight Poison
Eau de Parfum

Midnight. A heroine appears. Time stands still. How beautiful she is!
Enchanting, alluring, unattainable.
Her aura of mystery deepens the enchantment. Her sudden disappearance conjures desire and phantasms.
All that is left in her wake is a single, uniquely superb trail, her perfume - Midnight Poison.

A mysterious black rose over an amber patchouli base.

ROSE reveals a dangerous femininity.
AMBER exudes a sensual strength.
PATCHOULI releases a mysterious and unsettling depth.

A deeply unsettling heroine, a magician of the night, intriguing, enchanting and seducing all those who cross her path. Enigmatic elegance. Dangerous beauty. Intense femininity.

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