Friday, September 19, 2008

Sydney Theatre Company presents

The Women of Troy
By Euripides
Adapted by Barrie Kosky and Tom Wright

Troy is a ruin. The men are dead, most of the children are dead and the surviving women are herded behind wire, awaiting transportation or (hopefully) death.

Hecuba, their Queen, awaits her uncertain future haunted by memories, visions and prophecies. In a series of hallucinogenic episodes she is visited by her mad, blind daughter Cassandra; her grieving daughter-in-law Andromache and the woman who triggered the whole catastrophe, Helen.

One of the most powerful and compelling anti-war plays ever written, Euripides' tragedy reels with the consequences of destruction.

By distilling the essence of this masterpiece to reveal a disturbing and visceral chamber work, the award-winning team of Barrie Kosky and Tom Wright will once again focus their unique theatrical scrutiny on the realm of mythology illuminating its enduring connection to the contemporary world.

The defeated Queen Hecuba will be played by Robyn Nevin and, in a stroke of revelatory casting, Barrie will have Melita Jurisic portray all three of the other Trojan Women; Andromache, Helen and Cassandra.

Once again STC will play host to Barrie's extraordinary vision resulting not just in a thorough re-examination and re-invigoration of a classic, but of the possibilities of the theatrical form itself.

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