Friday, November 14, 2008



"Black is the most popular, convenient and elegant of all colors, and white is more beautiful than any color for evening."
Christian Dior

Play with total glamour thanks to the new Christmas colour collection inspired by the contrasts of black and white diamonds.

They blend their lights and shadows, giving in to the pleasure of sophistication and the luxury of elegance.

Transformed into a bird of night, the Dior woman becomes the most precious of gems.

Night Diamond
Allover Diamond Dust

Dior introduces jewel-like powder: an accessory for evening with a Couture inspiration. The collectible Night Diamond is the leading light in an incandescent collection. Dior-labeled, Night Diamond is set in a luxurious black box, with 30 solitaire-cut crystals, placing glamour under sparkling crystal. A couture finishing touch: thanks to the notch on the back of the case, the powder container can slide from it, transforming Night Diamond into a luxury portable mirror. The compact powder, coming in two shades, Beige Diamond and Pink Diamond, captures all the magic of light. Illuminated and subtly iridescent, the skin palpitates under a veil of dizzying pearlescent particles.

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Anonymous said...


I'm a huge Dior fan, but this palette is quite dissapointing... I think the box looks so cheap :S The powder doesn't do much either, so I think I'm gonna skip it :) I already have about 20 Dior palettes, so I have to be picky ;)

x Wen