Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Zebra Crossing Productions presents

What The Butler Saw
by Joe Orton

Considered the late British satirist Joe Orton’s finest play,
What The Butler Saw is an award-winning comedy that knits together dysfunctional family relationships, laws of attraction, notions of sanity, identity and authority in an exceedingly comic fashion. A classic comedy that is a must-see for all!

Set in the uncertain independent years,
What the Butler Saw is adapted to reflect Singapore’s economically turbulent times. The backdrop of our familiar colonial past is juxtaposed with dizzying pop fashion, sights and sounds reminiscent of The Beatles.

The play is set in a psychiatric clinic and mayhem begins when Dr Ang tries to seduce Geraldine. They are interrupted by the sudden entrance of Mrs Ang who is on the run from roguish Nicholas. The madness ensues when Dr and Mrs Ang try desperately to weave lies in to hide their seedy truths. Coincidentally, an obnoxious Dr Rance appears to try to make things right, only to make them inconceivably wrong! Throw in a bungling Sergeant Ma, incessantly slamming doors and a hair-raising gun-fight -- that’s recipe for good old-fashioned comedic disaster and an uncanny family reunion!

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