Thursday, June 04, 2009

Company B presents

Ruben Guthrie
by Brendan Cowell

Ruben Guthrie is on fire. He’s 29, he’s the Creative Director of a cutting-edge advertising agency, he’s engaged to a Czech supermodel and Sydney is his oyster. He pours himself a drink to celebrate, a drink to work, a drink to sleep and one spectacular night he drinks so much he thinks he can fly.

Ruben Guthrie is Brendan Cowell’s brutally honest comedy about work, family and excess. This is a special play which taps a deep vein of Australian life and asks, is it unAustralian to refuse a drink?

Company B Associate Artist Wayne Blair directed Toby Schmitz as Ruben in the Downstairs Theatre in 2008. The show sold out before it even opened. Now, Brendan, Toby and Wayne – three of Australia’s finest young theatre artists – are joining forces once again to create a shining new production for Company B.

So come take a good, hard look at Sydney in this hilarious and moving act of revelation about spiralling high, crashing hard and being taken to AA by your mum.

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