Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sydney Theatre Company presents

Saturn's Return
by Tommy Murphy

A moment of hesitation, on an afternoon like any other, will change the life of twenty-something, Zara, forever.

When Matt tells Zara that he loves her, she is unable to respond. Why can’t she tell him that she loves him just as she has countless times before?

According to the astrologers Zara is going through her Saturn Return: a period of upheaval. But is the universe really conspiring against Matt and Zara, or are they simply unwilling to grow up?

One of Australia’s most exciting young playwrights, Tommy Murphy (Holding the Man, Strangers in Between), uses his trademark comic flair to scrutinise the conundrums which face the indulged generations X and Y.

David Berthold’s snappy, sexy production was first staged in 2008 as part of Sydney Theatre Company’s Wharf 2LOUD Season. In 2009, he and his team rejoin us at The Wharf with a fresh production developed for our Main Stage Season. Murphy's refocused and refined script explores new territories but maintains the wit and theatricality that won over Wharf2LOUD audiences.

Perhaps you’ll recognise yourself in Saturn’s Return. Perhaps you’ll recognise your children. Either way you’ll find yourself questioning just what the future has in store for a generation with its own unique take on love and commitment.

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