Friday, December 11, 2009

Sydney Theatre Company presents

The Wharf Revue 2009
Pennies from Kevin

Farewell Not-so Great Depression! Put your troubles behind you, cross to the funny side of the street and dance down the road to recovery with a stimulus package of song and satire from the ever-popular Wharf Revue.

One beautiful girl - count ‘em! – and three lucky fellows back in work have pooled their one-off payments and put on a show! So slap your thighs and turn off your mobiles for:

•Kevin Potter and the Lower Chamber of Secrets
•Canberra’s Got Talent!
•The Democrats in Heaven
•Amanda Vanstone on her Roman Holiday – La Dolce Big-Eater!
•Penny “K.D.” Wong sings Constant Cave-In
•Michelle sings why her guy Obama is the new black!

Celebrating its tenth year, through bad times and worse, Sydney Theatre Company’s Wharf Revue once again bravely goes to the pointy end of the comic schtick!

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