Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sydney Theatre Company in association with Frantic Assembly presents

by Bryony Lavery

Today is Todd’s birthday. Tomorrow he and Kali will fly to Stockholm to celebrate.

This morning they awoke wrapped in each other’s arms, ate a late breakfast, drank coffee, watched an arthouse film and shared a packet of Maltesers. It’s spring but today felt like summer. It was that good.

Now they’re home, cooking dinner in their exquisite and tastefully furnished kitchen.

Hidden away from the world, their families, friends and love rivals, they are at their happiest. However, their immaculate kitchen is as dangerous as it is beautiful. As the meal is prepared the probability of them ever reaching the first course gradually decreases. Slowly and painfully these impossible lovers will consume one another.

Groundbreaking British physical theatre company, Frantic Assembly, will remount their lauded production of Bryony Lavery’s Stockholm with Sydney Theatre Company. Featuring Australian actors Socratis Otto and Leeanna Walsman, this mesmerisingly powerful piece of theatre uses a unique approach that draws on dance, music and text to dramatise a relationship that is founded on co-dependency, obsession and abuse.

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