Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bell Shakespeare presents

King Lear
By William Shakespeare
Directed by Marion Potts
Featuring John Bell

A father in his twilight years divides his assets between his three daughters. She who loves him most will gain the most. Goneril and Regan are more than happy to flatter him so they share the spoils. Cordelia, his youngest and favourite, is too honest for her own good. Furious, he disowns her and sends her away. Betrayed by the elder two who have all he once owned, Lear is left destitute. Still blinded by pride and vanity, it’s not until Cordelia returns to save him that he realises his catastrophic mistake and recognises true love. But is it too late?

One of the greatest works in Western literature, King Lear is an epic story of power, loyalty, jealousy and betrayal, and a profoundly moving study of human frailty and the nature of love.

Celebrate the 20th year of Bell Shakespeare as John Bell leads some of Australia’s most respected actors and exciting new talent in Marion Potts’ richly poetic production.

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