Saturday, March 01, 2008


Allure Homme Édition Blanche

Driven by design

An olfactory composition dedicated to connoisseurs: a Fresh Oriental by
Jacques Polge. Discover ALLURE HOMME ÉDITION BLANCHE: a pure act of creation. A new interpretation of Allure. A very special edition devoted to connoisseurs and lovers of art, beautiful things, and impressive pieces of engineering, presented in a virtual gallery…

An essential colour in the history of Chanel

The colour of infinity and absolute. The colour of purity. The colour of true luxury. The colour of extreme simplicity. White: a colour true to allure that expresses purity and style.

An olfactory composition focused on contrast

From a base of four facets, Jacques Polge introduces a new creation, rich in refinement and contrast. It is revealed to us through a concentration that is particularly adapted to the oriental character of the fragrance.

The description Eau de Toilette Concentrée (Concentrated Eau de Toilette) relates to the art of extracting the purest notes from each raw material to intensify its character.

Its characteristics?

- An explosive freshness that comes from the combination of citrus fruits (Lemon and Bergamot).
- An incredibly creamy oriental note, carried by the Sandalwood Note, Haitian Vetiver and Vanilla from Madagascar.

These two different tones intermingle to create an explosive alchemy of hot and cold - characteristic of the unique nature of the fragrance.

A hot/cold alchemy that is expressed in the design of the bottle with its combination of polar white and solar bronze.

Contrasting materials continue to express this theme, with the matte white of the cap against the lacquered glass of the bottle.

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