Thursday, July 03, 2008


Rouge Dior Crème de Gloss - Creamy Lipgloss
641 Nectar de Figue / Fig Nectar

«The first Dior gloss which takes care of my lips»

Dior Innovation: for the first time a gloss which allies care expertise, color perfection, brilliance and sensoriality.

Its soft and gentle texture as a cream, with the lightness and freshness of a gloss gives to your lips a «cocooning effect» and offers, with its new ultra flexible applicator, a smooth comfortable film without sticky effect.

With all the wealth of a nectar, Crème de gloss offers an absolute comfort, thanks to a concentrate of ultra-nourishing ingredients. Immediately smoothed, the smile is durably cared and shaped for perfect lips. Ultimate exploit, six hours after application, the hydration of your lips increases by 25%.

Glamour, care and brilliance, would you offer everything to your lips?

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