Thursday, July 03, 2008

World-in-Theatre and the Theatre Department of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts present


True to its mission, Singapore theatre group World-in-Theatre once again brings to the stage an important work of world literature – Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Directed by Shelly Quick, this production is collaboration between World-in-Theatre and the Theatre Department of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Approaching Shakespeare’s timeless classic as if it were a play newly written, World-in-Theatre’s Macbeth emerges as an exciting piece of contemporary theatre. In this ageless tale of wars and the struggle of mankind for power and security, physically and visually dynamic staging directs the audience’s attention to meanings and connections freshly uncovered in the text. This is Macbeth conceived for our own uncertain times.

A strong believer in physical training for actors, Singapore resident Shelly Quick has prepared the performers for this production using the methods of theatre training associated with Tadeshi Suzuki and Anne Bogart of the SITI company of New York.


Wendy said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog ;) Yup zebra print, love it! I have the MAC palette as well and even ordered some zebra print flats hehe ;) But no I'm not going to wear any clothes with that print, it will be a bit too much isn't it? ;) I personally love Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (especially the movie). I don't know how the story of Macbeth goes actually :P
x Wen

Veronica said...

hihi. are you in singapore now to watch this? :)

: scintillated (tPF)

Claytz said...

Hi scintillated! Yes I am indeed holidaying in Singapore at the moment.

Wendy said...

Ah enjoy your holiday in Singapore! I still want to visit it there someday, haven't had a chance yet. But I will be visiting Hong Kong in december for 3 weeks! :)
Have fun!
x Wen

Claytz said...

Hong Kong will be fantastic! You'll enjoy all the shopping and food ;)