Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sydney Theatre Company and Qantas present La Boite Theatre Company's production of

The Narcissist
By Stephen Carleton

Xavier is a narcissist. A decidedly self-absorbed single man for whom middle age looms and the prospects of finding a psychosexually well-adjusted partner are beginning to fade.

His best friend, Bronwyn, a boozy fortysomething single woman, challenges Xavier to a duel: “Six weeks to bag a man! No ifs, no buts, no limits, no boundaries and no rules!”

Game on.

Bronwyn sets her sights on Satchel, Xavier’s flatmate, winner of ‘Barista of the Year’ three years running, and whose new ambition is to get on Big Brother. Xavier meanwhile takes the retro route, picking up with old flame, Jesse. There’s only one hitch... he’s engaged to marry Y’landah.

Packed to the brim with narcissists of every stripe, withering one-liners and wild farce, this politically incorrect comedy of manners promises to be one of the funniest nights you’ll have this year!

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