Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sydney Theatre Company presents

The Wharf Revue 2008: Waiting for Garnaut
By Jonathan Biggins, Drew Forsythe and Phillip Scott

"You're asking me what's going to be in the Wharf Revue? Well, let me tell you. We have ordered a wide-ranging enquiry into the matter and the commissioner will be reporting back in 2011 so I'm not in a position to pre-empt those findings. But I can say this: at the end of the day, Revue 2008 will deliver a balanced package of world's best-practice, cutting-edge satire that Australian working families so desperately need." *

As Australia holds its breath waiting for the government's response to the Garnaut Review into Climate Change, the outrageously talented Wharf Revue team (now 25% ethanol) returns to deliver its ninth annual dose of razor-sharp hybrid satire, with eco-friendly characters, carbon-neutral sketches and recycled self-defecating humour.

* Update - This year's Wharf Revue will include:

The Sound of Rudd
Sister Kevin, having been placed with the Von Trapp working family, has a crisis of faith: can he fulfill his pre-election vows? He returns to the convent to seek the advice of Mother Keating of the Order of the Economic Rationalists.

Calling Dr Iemma
Is there a doctor in the lower house? Join Dr Iemma, Nurse Reba Meagher and the wacky staff of the Sussex St ER Department as they battle against the clock to resuscitate the terminal state of New South Wales.

Obama Rap
MC Obama hip-hops his way into history. He’s in da house… da White House.

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