Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bell Shakespeare Company presents

A Co-Production with Queensland Theatre Company
The Alchemist
by Ben Jonson
Directed by John Bell
With Patrick Dickson & Andrew Tighe

While the cat’s away, the mice will play! Lovewit leaves the city and a menagerie of shady characters – a conman, a hooker and one very bored domestic helper – takes over his home, creating hoopla for their own amusement and gain.

See Face, the servant, and his two friends, Subtle and Dol Common, juggle scams like plates on sticks! See them fend off suspicion with their wits brandished like swords! And witness, if you will, the alchemy of love and the world’s rightful order when the master returns to unravel the mayhem.

This is a show about the vices and vagaries of human nature, told through the antics of a trio of scammers including a charlatan disguised as an alchemist. Urban, fast-paced and vibrant, Ben Jonson’s greatest comedy revels in the zest for life among the bottom-feeders. Directed by John Bell, and featuring Patrick Dickson as Subtle and Andrew Tighe as Face, this is schtick in the city at its hardcore and hilarious best.

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