Monday, March 16, 2009

Sydney Theatre Company and Griffin Theatre Company present

By Ross Mueller

Somewhere in a busy city, Caesar wakes to discover he has forgotten his life. He has no memory of the past and no clear sense of the present.

He is concussed. Or so he is told by his doctor: the doctor who is also his lover. Flashes of... something... begin to haunt him. What is it? Hunger, mourning, sexual appetite? Why is he not in hospital? And what of the voices, the Blackberry, the brothers?

As chronology returns so does Caesar’s desire to rectify past mistakes. Except if you only know half the story, it is difficult to know where to begin…

As Caesar begins to unpick the mystery of his life, we begin to unpick the mystery of the world in which he and we exist.

In this sexy, shocking, sprawling tale of love and ethics, fates are intertwined; time jumps through memory; facts get torn into lies; lovers are blogged about and brothers fight with accordions.

A comedy with attitude, Ross Mueller’s
Concussion was developed through the 2008 National Play Festival and we are delighted to present the premiere season in partnership with Griffin Theatre Company.

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